Newborn Home Session Details

One of my favourite sessions is the newborn home session. I love capturing the family loving on their newest addition. These sessions are very low key and the baby leads the session. Quite often parents are surprised that a session can last between 2-3 hours but often the session will run the full 3 hours. This allows time feeding and changing without rushing. I love to do the newborn session in the family home because this is where life happens! Its special and unique to the family. There is not as much emphasis placed on posed images of baby, of course there will be some of just baby, but mostly this session is about capturing the bond between family members and the new baby. When should I book a session?
Once you are in your second trimester it’s a great time to book a session. Of course we don’t know when that little babe is going to make their appearance but I will keep space in the calendar for the session. Once you have had baby you can send a quick email and I will look ahead and send dates. The best time to do the session is within the first 7-14 days, so that we can get those sleepy photos :) How can you prepare for your in home session?
I love when families send photos (phone pics are just great!) of the rooms in their home that get the most light. This helps me start planning the session before I even get there. I use natural light so the rooms with the most light are where we will end up. My favorite room to use is the master bedroom because this allows for the whole family to snuggle up together. I also can’t resist that image of the little baby on the big bed! Sometimes because of the lighting I may end up needing to move furniture a bit. If it were a very overcast day it will most likely be dark in your home. In this case I strongly suggest rescheduling so that we can have the best light possible.
Please do not clean your house for me, you just had a baby! The only thing I suggest is cleaning off the bedside tables or dresser so that there isn’t anything distracting in the background. A neutral cover for your bed works great. I do have a white duvet that I can bring if you don’t have a neutral cover. What should baby wear? What should I wear?
When dressing baby a fitted white, cream or grey onesie is best. If you have a special outfit that you would like to use feel free to use that as well. That goes for blankets too. If you have one that was yours from a baby or one that was gifted that you would like to use then by all means. I too will bring along some blankets and knitt bonnets. For the rest of the family I suggest mama picking an outfit that she feels comfortable in and then planning the rest of the family members’ outfits around her outfit.
I love when there are older siblings. It’s a very special time for them and I love capturing that bond. When I first come into your home I generally will spend a little time with the older siblings and then I move on to them introducing me to their new baby.Pets welcome too :)
When will I receive my images?
Within two weeks of your session you will receive a proof gallery of approximately 60-80 images. Within the gallery you can star your favourite 20 images. Additional add on images can be purchased. After you have made your selection please let me know and I will start working on your selection. This new gallery will be sent to you within two weeks as well.Do you require a deposit?
I do ask for a $50.00 deposit at the time of booking to secure your session. The rest of the payment is taken on the day of the session.