Leggo Family :: Summer 2015

As soon as the the van doors opened both Ethan and Paisley were ready to play! Paisley is an adorable curious babe who gave me such a warm hug hello and Ethan was all smiles and eager to explore! There is so much love and fun in this family and its very evident in their family photos. Enjoy!

Leggos LOGO

Leggos LOGO-2

Leggos LOGO-9

Leggos LOGO-12

Leggos LOGO-15

Leggos LOGO-19

Leggos LOGO-20

Leggos LOGO-21

Leggos LOGO-24

Leggos LOGO-30

Leggos LOGO-32

Leggos LOGO-33

Leggos LOGO-36

Leggos LOGO-43

Leggos LOGO-42

Leggos LOGO-45

Leggos LOGO-46

Leggos LOGO-47

Leggos LOGO-50

Leggos LOGO-54

Leggos LOGO-53

Leggos LOGO-57

Leggos LOGO-62

Leggos LOGO-63

Leggos LOGO-68

Leggos LOGO-67

Leggos LOGO-69

Leggos LOGO-73