McCartney Family (and bump!) :: Fall 2016

Nancy was so close to her due date and shortly before the shoot was to start it started to rain! We both were hoping that baby would not come early and luckily it worked out :) Baby Alia was born a week later ♥. This mama was absolutely glowing! Big sister to be was so much fun, had a blast chasing her around ♥

Newborn Home Session with the Bastable Family

I have to admit I was so excited to see the Bastables again! I wanted to hear how they were all doing and was excited to see big sister Ella with her baby sister. Ella showed me her baby sister’s room and then they got up on the bed for a family snuggle – including the fur babies, Jayda and Charlie. I love ending a newborn season with mama and baby. It always tugs at my heart seeing the gentleness of them together. Watching mom smile and adore her new […]