Baby Simon

Living away from home means that you miss out on the day to day things with friends and family but it does mean that you get to have awesome visits! I was so excited when Tara said she was going to be coming out with baby Simon. Tara is one of my oldest friends, going on 17 years now. She is nurturing, supportive, beautiful and has the kindest heart. We always knew Tara and Shawn would be amazing parents, I’m so happy for them ♥

Newborn Home Session with the Robinson Family

Oh baby Yale, you are a dream! This sweet girl was so content during her session, sleeping and waking up occasionally to look around then back off to sleep. Her big brothers were so good with their new baby sister, lots of cuddling and counting toes. Tracy and Chris are so welcoming, its like spending time with friends. I loved asking Tracy questions about becoming a family of five and hearing all about the whirlwind of a newborn with two toddlers. Baby Yale you are going to have so much […]

Baby Taves

Loved this little shoot with brand new baby Taves. Watching big brother London with his new baby brother was so sweet. These two are going to have so much fun together.  Also, how beautiful is this mama!? Gorgeous inside and out ♥

Newborn Home Session with the Laurin Family

I LOVE a newborn home session with an older sibling. When I come in I always make sure to give my attention first to the older brother or sister. Meeting big brother Alfie was definitely a highlight of this session, I knew he liked batman and coincidently I had a batman action figure in the sea of all my girls toys! So I brought him along and then Alfie showed me his drawer full of superheroes (there was ALOT!). Along with his new big boy bed! Anyone who knows me […]

Newborn Home Session with the Chambults Family

A newborn home session is hands down my favourite. Especially when there are older siblings. Seeing that interaction between big sister/brother with their new baby is the best! I also love seeing the parents with the older sibling(s), I remember feeling this way with my oldest too, making sure that they are involved and given extra attention and cuddles. After all, becoming a big sister/brother is a very big deal! This family was so full of love and oh so calm! Big sister Cadence and I got to chat while […]

Newborn Home Session with the Bastable Family

I have to admit I was so excited to see the Bastables again! I wanted to hear how they were all doing and was excited to see big sister Ella with her baby sister. Ella showed me her baby sister’s room and then they got up on the bed for a family snuggle – including the fur babies, Jayda and Charlie. I love ending a newborn season with mama and baby. It always tugs at my heart seeing the gentleness of them together. Watching mom smile and adore her new […]

Baby Monroe :: The Best Christmas Gift

The Bastable family received the best gift you could ever receive on Christmas – their sweet baby Monroe.  Shortly after opening gifts on Christmas morning Laura’s contractions started! Miss Roe was born at 3:10 pm – and oh my goodness did she ever look like her big sister! Below are photos from the newborn hospital session that were taken the next morning. Watching big sister Ella meet her baby sister was absolutely precious. She was so excited to check out her babies fingers, toes and belly button. Thank you Dave […]

Kozak Family :: Summer 2015

Eek! I adore this family of three! I was so excited to do their family photos. Shanda and Darin have the most amazing backyard, lots of room to run and play, oh and the prettiest trees. The heat and the intense mosquitos made for some humorous moments ;-)  Jack those blue eyes are going to break hearts!

Hiebert Family :: Summer 2015

As soon as Brooke suggested her family farm for a photo session I was pumped! It was such a hot night and I was a little concerned we were all going to sweat our faces off but it was beautiful! There were so many fun things to check out; both Jace & Julianna loved the apple trees and the big tractors and trucks! Oh and can’t forget the sweet barn kitty who kept us company :) This is one sweet family as you can see through the photos. Grandma and […]

Pederson Family :: Summer 2015

This family is so sweet, Steve and Ash were meant to be parents. Their patience and love is so obvious for their girls. Both Grace and Clara are so sweet and are going to make awesome big sisters! It was a pleasure photographing this growing family ♥

Birthday fun with Grayson & Noah

These two brothers were so fun to photograph! Grayson is such a loving big brother and you can tell how much Noah adores him. They both share their birthday month so we had some fun playing in the forest with balloons and then had yummy cupcakes at the end. Noah didn’t hesitate at all with his cupcake and dove right in!

Jack Turns One

One of the great things about moving back to Winnipeg has been getting to see the good friends we made while living here before. I missed getting to see Shanda go through her pregnancy but am so happy that I’m getting the opportunity to know and play with baby Jack. He is always on the go, walking at 9 months! Needless to say this shoot was lots of fun. Happy 1st Birthday Jack! ♥    

The Pederson Family

I had so much fun taking the Pederson’s family photos. They made my job SO easy! Grace came wearing a beautiful dress that her Grandma had brought back from Italy, it was adorable watching her walk around with her hands in her pockets. Bright eyed baby Clara was so good the whole time even though we were close to bedtime. Beautiful fam! ♥

Afternoon with the Pardo Family

Right from the moment I was greeted at the Pardo home I knew it was going to be a good shoot. It had been raining but the sun was just coming out again and their front living room (that is decorated ever so nicely) had lovely light streaming in. Tate was quite interested in my camera and was eager to get up close, which I of course loved! These three are the sweetest of sweet ♥