Baby Taves

Loved this little shoot with brand new baby Taves. Watching big brother London with his new baby brother was so sweet. These two are going to have so much fun together.  Also, how beautiful is this mama!? Gorgeous inside and out ♥

Srinivasan Family :: Summer 2016

Parthiv! Oh my goodness this kid. He had his paw patrol chapstick with him and loved to chat. Parthiv and his parents were preparing for their move back to India. Parthiv was telling me all about the things he was excited to do – mainly play lego ;) It was a treat to meet this family and I loved hearing all about their travels ♥

Dawe Family :: Summer 2016

Could this family be any cuter!? They are so loving and affectionate, lots of cuddles during their session. Emily is a natural in front of the camera and such a sweetheart. So looking forward to seeing big sister in action ♥

Miller Family : : Maternity Session

I met soon to be big sister Brielle, back at the spring mini session and I adore her cute smile! She is so full of life, jumping and dancing oh and her new fav word? Awesome!! So cute!! Sarah came prepared with books and lots of yummy snacks. My favs are the images of Brielle with her watermelon, such a funny girl! Sarah is due at the end of this month and I’m so looking forward to their Newborn Home Session ♥

My muses.

I have never written a blog post about my girls. I tend to show jut client images but I thought that it might be nice for the girls to look back and see a sprinkle of them. They are after all my muses and the reason for my photography dreams coming true! When I was a kiddo my mom used to pack my sister and I up in the van and we would go to quilt and craft shows, antique stores and fabric stores. My sis and I definitely did […]

Dheilly Family :: Maternity Session

Ok guys! Cute family alert! This wonderful family are my neighbours but also friends. Currently we do not have a fence and I love when I see London running across the yards to come play. He is so easy going, which is no surprise as both Pat and Whit are so friendly and laid back too. London will soon be a big brother and I am so excited to see him with his new baby. So much to teach him, hockey and singing O Canada I’m sure will be at […]

Newborn Home Session with the Laurin Family

I LOVE a newborn home session with an older sibling. When I come in I always make sure to give my attention first to the older brother or sister. Meeting big brother Alfie was definitely a highlight of this session, I knew he liked batman and coincidently I had a batman action figure in the sea of all my girls toys! So I brought him along and then Alfie showed me his drawer full of superheroes (there was ALOT!). Along with his new big boy bed! Anyone who knows me […]

Central Speech and Hearing Clinic

Central Speech and Hearing (CSHC) is a clinic in Winnipeg, Manitoba. They assist children and adults who are deaf or hard of hearing. They are a unique clinic with families coming from other provinces just to access their services. CSHC focuses on auditory verbal therapy, using amplification devices and implants to help with speech and hearing. They see a wide range of ages, including babies. During this shoot I worked with Debbie Brown, a certified auditory verbal therapist. Another speech therapist, Jennifer, also joined us for the shoot. Watching the two […]

Newborn Home Session with the Chambults Family

A newborn home session is hands down my favourite. Especially when there are older siblings. Seeing that interaction between big sister/brother with their new baby is the best! I also love seeing the parents with the older sibling(s), I remember feeling this way with my oldest too, making sure that they are involved and given extra attention and cuddles. After all, becoming a big sister/brother is a very big deal! This family was so full of love and oh so calm! Big sister Cadence and I got to chat while […]

Newborn Home Session with the Bastable Family

I have to admit I was so excited to see the Bastables again! I wanted to hear how they were all doing and was excited to see big sister Ella with her baby sister. Ella showed me her baby sister’s room and then they got up on the bed for a family snuggle – including the fur babies, Jayda and Charlie. I love ending a newborn season with mama and baby. It always tugs at my heart seeing the gentleness of them together. Watching mom smile and adore her new […]