Happiness is where you are.

As I write this there is a winter storm going on, its snowing, the wind is blowing and its COLD!!! The girls and I needed a project, something bright and fun! So we started working on this floral wall. I had NO idea that it would take as many flowers as it did. I’m sure we visited dollerama and Michaels 10 or more times to buy more flowers… oh and glue! SO much glue. But it became a bit of a fun thing, the girls would bring their sparkly little pink purses and we would set out to pick up more flowers. Both were such good helpers, handing me flowers while we sang along to the Moana soundtrack (we kinda are obsessed with Moana in this house!). I love watching our girls, seeing their friendship grow. They of course argue and yell (the screaming, so much screaming) but they make up and forgive each other and seeing that makes me smile just as much as when they are dancing and laughing together. I hope they always hold on to that ♥