My muses.

I have never written a blog post about my girls. I tend to show jut client images but I thought that it might be nice for the girls to look back and see a sprinkle of them. They are after all my muses and the reason for my photography dreams coming true! When I was a kiddo my mom used to pack my sister and I up in the van and we would go to quilt and craft shows, antique stores and fabric stores. My sis and I definitely did not like going! Who knew that as an adult those would be some of my favorite things to do!? I joke with hubby that the girls feel the same way when I pack them up for a location scout. Lately though Miss A has been taking pictures and I have to say she has the eye. My little artist. The photos that I have of them always hold so much emotion for me – and I think thats true for all parents. I love seeing their different personalities in the images. Miss A my sweet, creative and caring old soul and Miss E my loud, curious cuddle bug. Both so different yet so similar and entwined. I hope the bond they have continues to grow and I will do everything to foster that relationship. Love you both so much ♥
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