Newborn Home Session with the Laurin Family

I LOVE a newborn home session with an older sibling. When I come in I always make sure to give my attention first to the older brother or sister. Meeting big brother Alfie was definitely a highlight of this session, I knew he liked batman and coincidently I had a batman action figure in the sea of all my girls toys! So I brought him along and then Alfie showed me his drawer full of superheroes (there was ALOT!). Along with his new big boy bed! Anyone who knows me well knows that I too love dinosaurs, and Alfie has the dino dwell sleep set! I may have had a little bit of room envy ;) Anyhoo after I had the tour of Alfie’s room he showed me his baby brother, Austin. Oh sweet Austin, what a love muffin! He was a gem throughout the whole session, a little cuddle bear. The love that Mike and Jackie have for their two sweet boys could be felt in the room. Such a sweet welcoming fam, felt right at home with them ♥

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