Central Speech and Hearing Clinic

Central Speech and Hearing (CSHC) is a clinic in Winnipeg, Manitoba. They assist children and adults who are deaf or hard of hearing. They are a unique clinic with families coming from other provinces just to access their services. CSHC focuses on auditory verbal therapy, using amplification devices and implants to help with speech and hearing. They see a wide range of ages, including babies.

During this shoot I worked with Debbie Brown, a certified auditory verbal therapist. Another speech therapist, Jennifer, also joined us for the shoot. Watching the two of them interact with the little clients that were there for the shoot was so heartwarming. You can see and feel how much they love what they do.

CSHC is in the process of creating a new site and was looking for some photos of the children that they work along side with. We had lots of fun playing while I snapped away :) These adorable and sweet kiddos are the new faces of the CSHC website!